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Try This Mindful Eating Exercise This Halloween

Many people fear that if they allow themselves to eat Halloween treats, they’ll never stop. 

Though this is understandable, it’s not necessarily going to happen! You just have to make an effort to be mindful. 

I think we all know that our bodies will not feel very good if we eat Halloween candy ALL the time. It will crave variety and different nutrients. What if you give yourself permission to enjoy some candy without guilt or shame, and then move on with your normal healthy eating habits?

Try these mindful eating exercises this Halloween:

  • Notice how you’re feeling physically and emotionally before biting into the candy
  • Take note of the shape, texture, smell, color, and feeling of it
  • Chew slowly and notice how it feels in your mouth
  • Be completely present and avoid distractions while eating it
  • When you’re done, ask yourself if that was enough, and how you might feel if you have more?

It may sound a little different but if you’re having any anxiety whatsoever around Halloween because of all the candy that will be present, give mindful eating a shot. You may surprise yourself! 

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