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Fitness Training for the Aging CrossFitter

In the realm of fitness and sports, one crucial but often disregarded factor affecting performance and recovery is an individual’s training age. Training age refers ...
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Master Your Mornings with These 5 Secret Tips for Creating a Routine that Lasts

What are the first three things you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you approach each day with the intention of making ...
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Summer is here, and with it comes a shift in our routines, thanks to the weather, school breaks, and travel plans. It’s easy to fall ...
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How to Maintain Fitness Motivation and Overcome Boredom

You started your fitness journey with enthusiasm and dedication. Daily workouts at the gym, following a strict online plan, and seeing positive results in your ...
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Searching for ‘CrossFit Gyms Near Me’: 4 Things to Consider

You may be familiar with the popular fitness trend known as CrossFit. Whether you’ve seen impressive weightlifting videos on social media or have friends who ...
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5 Ways Joining All Kine CrossFit Can Boost Your Finances

1. Enhanced Cognitive Function Research has consistently shown that regular exercise improves mental acuity. In his book “Spark,” Dr. John Ratey explains how exercise can ...
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Elevating Self-Care: A New Definition of Selfish

Taking care of your body, mind, and overall health should be your top priority. The more time and energy you invest in yourself, the more ...
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Overcoming Fear: Why You Shouldn’t Let It Hold You Back

Harnessing Fear for Fitness Success at Our Gym Fear can be a powerful force in our lives, either holding us back or propelling us forward. ...
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Setting Yourself Up for Success: Why Strict Pullups Should Come First

At All Kine CrossFit, we understand the importance of proper training and progression in functional fitness, particularly when it comes to kipping pullups. While we ...
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Fitness vs Nutrition: Which One Should You Prioritize for a Healthier Life?

You’ve taken the first step towards transforming your life. You understand the importance of health and wellness as the foundation for a quality life. However, ...
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