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Member Spotlight: Shane Fukuda

Since joining All Kine CrossFit, I have lost about 30 pounds. My strength, mobility, and cardiovascular endurance have increased.

How did you start your journey with All Kine CrossFit? How long have you been a part of All Kine CrossFit? What made you join All Kine CrossFit?

I have been a member at All Kine CrossFit for over 2 1/2 years, starting in January 2021. One of the reasons I joined is because my wife, Kimberly, had already been a member for about one year. We agreed that if I started CrossFit, she would take up golf. To be honest, I was thinking the deal would allow me to play more golf. Little did I know that I would get way more out of it! 

Can you tell us about your fitness/health background? Did you play any sports while growing up? Did you try exercising in different places such as at home or other gyms?

I spent a lot of time bodyboarding and spearfishing in high school. I’ve been to many of the gyms in Central Maui through the years. 

What changes have you seen in yourself since joining All Kine CrossFit? Has it affected you physically, mentally or in your daily life?

Since joining All Kine CrossFit, I have lost about 30 pounds. My strength, mobility, and cardiovascular endurance have increased.  

What are some things you can do now that you weren’t able to do before joining CrossFit, either inside or outside the gym?

Olympic weightlifting movements were never part of my gym routine before. Although my technique continues to be a work in progress, I enjoy the challenge of performing snatches, cleans, and jerks.  

You have accomplished a lot at All Kine CrossFit recently like pull-ups & PRs. What are your future goals for the next 3 months at All Kine CrossFit?

For 2023, I set a goal to get at least one kipping bar muscle up. I have a few more months to achieve this. An ongoing goal has been to pass the Tabata 9 push-ups assessment for Upper Body Push. Knowing that I can complete the strict press and strict handstand push-up assessments that follow is a bit frustrating. But the Level Method MAP hard gates are there for a reason: to ensure our long-term success and help reduce the chance of injury. Trust the process!

How has All Kine CrossFit influenced your life outside of the gym?

When helping coach my son’s baseball team, I will sometimes incorporate bodyweight movements learned at All Kine CrossFit into our speed and conditioning training. As a coach, being fit and mobile sets a good standard for the players.

What motivates you to come back to All Kine CrossFit week after week?

The personal challenge to progress through the Level Method MAP. Seeing the success of other members, especially those who have just started their fitness journey. Being a more seasoned member now, I enjoy interacting with newer classmates and helping them stay motivated.    

In your opinion, what do you think is the most important aspect of All Kine CrossFit?

Having a place to take my mind off the stresses of life for an hour or two while attending class. Surrounding myself with like-minded people who want to improve their physical and mental health. 

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