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Member Spotlight – Katherine “Ulu” Lancaster

My struggle before Allkine was finding a place that I would fit in or that would fit me.  Being able to find a balance life with work, family and my overall health was my biggest frustration because I knew that included what I was eating.⁣

With my struggles and frustration, I wasn’t able to be consistent in my health and weight. It felt like I was on a roller coaster: tired and not  active at all.⁣

Allkine has shown me that everyone has their own battles and that you’re not alone. Like the saying with the  3 Musketeers, ⁣”All for one, One for all”! It has shown me that if you put in the time, work and dedication then I was on the path of a healthier and stronger me.

I am more energetic and have the knowledge of what I should and shouldn’t do. With the amazing continued guidance of Mark/Joanna and our coaches, I will not be lost and confused! Thank you for all that you do and provide.

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