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Member Spotlight – Jovin De Guzman

Jovin is a wonderful mother of 2 kids (4yr old boy and 1yr old girl) and baby boy on the way. Today, she is 23 weeks pregnant and is still coming in the gym 4-5 times a week. Her doctors so far approves of continuing to do CrossFit. They all say it is great that she have the energy to go 5 days a week! 

Here is her short story.

I chose AKCF because there was a No Sweat Intro so I had the chance to meet with Mark & Joanna before committing to anything. I was so nervous as I had no CrossFit background and Mark reassured me that I was not going to be just thrown into a pack of wolves. We discussed how long the fundamental classes would be and what to expect before going to my first class. Mark gave me the confidence to get started on my CrossFit journey and that they’d guide me every step of the way. 

The coaches, members and overall atmosphere is what keeps me coming back. I admire each coach and their own unique ways of guiding you each class. Also all the members are all so welcoming and friendly. You’ll instantly feel part of the family. 

Scariest part about starting is showing up and being brave enough to suck at learning something new. 

Advice I’d give to my old self is to not be afraid and to just show up!!!

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