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Member Spotlight – Bill Scarlet

I chose AllKine CrossFit for a few reasons…my wife joined and absolutely loved the gym, the workout community and the coaches, Joanna and Mark. I needed to start working on getting in better shape and it seemed a great thing for my wife and I to do together. 

I keep coming back because I see and feel a physical and mental improvement in myself. The workouts are smart and leveled to suit my abilities. The WOD gang and coaches encourage and support each other in a positive, non-competitive way that makes you just want to come back and continue! 

My best story about AllKine was the day I completed one month of training. I had never been a gym rat nor even thought about doing CrossFit at all, especially at 66 years of age…but getting a month in and seeing and feeling the improvement…that was a proud moment for me. 

The advice I’d give myself is that you are capable at any age to accomplish realistic physical goals. It’s progress, not perfection…and the AllKine coaches and the WOD community truly encourage that positive attitude!

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