Is Personal Training For You?

When someone first starts at All Kine CrossFit, we ask the simple question: ” How can we help?” Most athletes choose to start with our …

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Do This 1 Thing to Start Losing Weight Today

Eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel satisfied. Sounds easy right? Well, guess what- it isn’t and the lifestyle of today doesn’t …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Stay OFF the Scale

You may have noticed that your clothes feel a little tight, you seem to have no energy, and you are self-conscience of your body. You …

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We’re All In This Together

We’ve seen numerous posts about the horrendous attack on humanity and what is going on in the world today. The truth is my words feel …

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Member Spotlight – Liza Yasania

Liza has been doing amazing during this 2 month COVID-19 shutdown. She is one of our online personal training clients. She already lost 10.6-lbs, lost …

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5 Tips to Avoid the Quarantine 15

Do you remember the “Freshman 15”? This is an expression that refers to the average weight gain during the first or freshman year at college. …

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